A successful TRACK-VET Project Virtual Conference

2 November 2020

The final TRACK-VET Project Virtual Conference held on 24 November 2020 - behind us. The event well summarised four years of hard work of our Research Team on transversal key competences in VET. To our satisfaction, the conference turned out to be a great success which attracted more than 160 participants from 11 countries. It also received very positive feedback in the post-conference evaluation survey. Almost all respondents assessed the event as a whole and its content as excellent or very good. Also, the vast majority agreed that the conference increased significantly or very significantly their awareness of development, assessment, and validation of transversal key competences in VET and related issues. Almost all stated that the event confirmed or changed their perspective on the subject and that they expect to use the information obtained through this conference in their work. Reflections provided by the conference participants also confirmed that there is a need for further discussion and detailed research on developing, assessing and validating transversal key competences in the formal initial and continuing VET.

Post-conference materials are available here.